Keep your teacup pig active and happy

Teacup pigs, as the name suggests are the pigs which are of the same size as that of a teacup which is also one of the many great features these pigs have. Apart from being such small creatures, these pigs are really cute, intelligent and very funny to have around.

Keep your teacup pig active and happyTeacup pigs have become the buzz word and people having these as pets are claiming that the pigs are as smart as a dog, even smarter. But without proper care and training, you will end up with a pet that is not only lazy but also unhappy. So make sure that you give proper training to your pet and take good care. Having a teacup pig at your house is similar to having a kid. You should be careful to leave any breakable thing on reachable distance of the pig which will not only damage your household but the pet as well.

The most important part of being the owner of a teacup pig is to keep the pig really active all the time. More active the pig is happier will it be. You need to constantly entertain it, either with toys or you playing around with them. These small efforts will count a lot for the pet. You can also take your pig for a walk, if not outside at least round the house. They are always in want of attention and will do anything to get some.

Reward is something that they love a lot. So as a tip, whenever you are trying to teach your pet a new trick, try to reward him with something every time he succeeds in doing it. This will motivate him to perform the trick even better the next time. The average lifespan of a teacup pig is of about fifteen years which is a lot of time. So make sure you have a pet which is happy and active all through his life.